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Wool Fedora Hat 

Dust is the hat's biggest enemy and therefore we always recommend that the hat is stored in a dust bag when not in use.  If the hat still becomes dusty, it is easiest to remove the dust with a soft brush or clothes care roller.


Let the hat lie down when it is not in use or hang it on a hook while in the dust bag. If you hang the hat directly on a hook, the crown has a risk of being deformed.

Panama Hat

If you give a little love to your Panama hat it will be your companion year after year. Our Panama hat is of course made of 100% toquilla straw. The toquilla straw is an organic material that requires some level of humidity to keep its flexibility. Thus, although it can’t stand excessive humidity, it is not advisable to leave it under the sun or in a closed room for prolonged periods of time. You can use a spray bottle and moisten the hat once or twice a year.


Store your hat in a dustbag or keep it on a shelf. Avoid contact with water. In case of water contact, let the Panama rest for as until dry.

A Panama hat is easy to clean.  Wipe down the hat with a soft, lint-free, tightly-woven cloth (to prevent catching or snagging). You may also try a moist facial or baby wipe. If your hat still isn't as clean as you’d like, a small amount of mild soap and water should do the trick.

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