Our vision with Franka Fedora is to lift the hat to its former glory and re-establish it into the basic wardrobe. With influences from Parisian fashion and functionality that suits our four Nordic seasons, we hope that you will embrace the love for hats as much as we do.

Behind the brand is Martina Wallin and Kerstin Glittmark. Martina has operated within the fashion industry for over a decade. With an education from IED Moda Lab in Milano within styling and photography, she now resides and works in Paris.  Kerstin is a Swedish entrepreneur and legal practitioner who long craved for a Nordic hat brand that stood for timelessness and edgy designs - without compromising on quality. Together we hope to spread the magic that comes with wearing an elegantly crafted hat.

Let your Franka Fedora be the new luxury in your everyday life!

Martina & Kerstin 

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